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Improve your life by obtaining a scholarship in the country of your choice.

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We will help you to apply to any university or scholarship opportunities all over the world. SM team can help you too to find and apply for a job for you based on your quialifications.

Scholarships and Internships

SM team able to apply professionally for scholarships and internships in all countries around the world in a way that increases your chances to be accepted.

Professional Letters

Our team prepare a customized motivation and recommendation letters professionally for each client, ensuring a more competitive chances to obtain your required scholarship.


Get your customised CV reviewed by experts, as the CV is the most important factor for acceptance into various scholarships or job opportunities. Receive it within 24 hours.

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Students Reviews​

Schloarshipsmerits website helped many students all over the world during the last 10 years to continue their study abroad with scholarships.

Our Students Reviews

Scholarship Merits website helped many students all over the world to continue their study abroad through fully-funded scholarships.

David Thoma

Masters Student

I recommend ScholarshipMerits website if you want to continue your studies abroad with or without a scholarships. They are very organised and and very fast service with a high quality. They helped me in writing my Masters Thesis.

Matha Schmidt

Bachelor Holder

Scholarship Merits helped me to apply  in the Turkey Government Scholarship, I Knew SM because I met the founder in Germany. They are excellent and prepared all my documents professionally!

Jean Taylor

Bachelor student

Scholarship Merits team helped me to know about many scholarships around the world, and I was recently accepted into a scholarship in Bulgaria, I advise dealing with them if you want to get a scholarship abroad.

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