Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship in Germany And How To Apply

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship is open for the year 2022!. Good News! You Can Now Apply and Study graduate degree in Germany.

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The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship in Germany is now available for the academic year 2022! The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is a German political party foundation affiliated with but distinct from the Social Democratic Party of Germany. It is headquartered in Bonn and Berlin and has offices and projects in over 100 countries.

The oldest organisation in Germany is dedicated to promoting democracy, political education, and assisting students with exceptional intellectual and personality traits. Students from developing countries can apply for fully-funded scholarships to pursue postgraduate studies in Germany.

Since 1971, international students have been able to earn awards and funding through solidarity funding. These awards are prioritised for people targeted on political, racial, or religious grounds. This programme is entirely supported by funds from current and former grantees. The programme has benefited over 1,000 students.

International students from South Asia, Africa, the former Soviet republics, South-Eastern European countries, and Latin America are encouraged to apply. Candidates’ aptitudes and personalities must demonstrate a high level of potential for academic or professional careers. Candidates must also show a dedication to social and democratic values.

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Here are more details about the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

  • Country: Germany
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Regions: global south Asia, Africa, Soviet Republics, South-Eastern European countries and Latin America
  • Deadline: April 30, 2022

Eligibility Criteria For Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

Here are the eligibility criteria for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships for international students:

  • Candidates must have a good command of the German language, even if the classes are in English.
  • Students from all fields are eligible to apply for the program.
  • Candidates must have been accepted or enrolled in a German state or state-recognized higher education institution.
  • Candidates must be from the Global South (Asia, Africa, and Latin America) and post-Soviet republics and eastern and south-eastern European (EU) countries.

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Benefits Of  Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

Here are the benefits of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships in Germany 2022:

  • A family allowance of 276 EUR is given to scholars with children.
  • 861 EUR will be given every month to international students.
  • Health insurance will also be provided.

Application Process

  • The process for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships program is online.
  • The application must be in the German language.
  • First-year students (not Master’s students) must submit two reports from previous lecturers. Candidates have three weeks to submit the documents when the host institution requests them.
  • While candidates wait for the response, they recommend putting the documents together.
  • If the candidate is shortlisted, the selection team member with a liaison professor will conduct an interview.
  • The selection committee will make the final scholarship and admission decision.

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