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British Council Internship in the UK 2022-23

British Council Internship Program in the UK. British council has shared information about paid and unpaid internships for students worldwide. You can get the details and apply for internships available at that time. The British Council offers many opportunities for students, such as free British Council courses, British Council Scholarships, British Council conferences, and many other opportunities. During the paid internship at the different organizations, students will get a chance to enhance their professional skills by working for a fixed period in a specific field. We have gathered all the details for the internship so that you can grow professionally and personally.

The United Kingdom classifies most interns as workers, so they expect to get a salary for their time. An intern in the UK earns under 20,000 British pounds, on average, annually. Internships for international students can be a source of making networks, earning money, and door to new opportunities. No matter where you hail from, this international internship is open for you. Different companies and organizations welcome graduates, and sometimes students enrolled in a university.

This article will help you in knowing how to find a suitable internship in the UK. Since internships are field-specific, you must apply only for the one that perfectly fits your interests. Given below are the details of the Internship program. The internships are not offered by the British council directly.

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Details about the British Council Internship

Country: United Kingdom

Financial coverage: Paid

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for the internships shared on the British Council website:

  • Students from all around the world can apply.
  • They must be graduates; however, students enrolled in the university can also apply.
  • Apply for the relevant field.
  • The criteria for every field is different; make sure to check the specific criteria.


Following are the benefits of international internship program:

  • Chance to participate in training sessions.
  • Interns may receive a stipend.
  • A supervisor who may serve as a reference in future job applications.
  • Good addition to give a boost to your CV/Resume.
  • Based on the chosen position, this internship program may last from a week to a year.
  • Most of the internships are undertaken after graduation, but you can apply while enrolled in a university.

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Application Process For British Council Internship

  • Since internships are field-specific, you must apply only for the one that perfectly fits your interests. Once you know your interests, do the following:
  • Commence with checking the British Council website since this section will give you an insight into the internships in the UK.
  • Look at the employer profile and check the opportunities that the organizations offer.
  • The British council itself does not offer internships. Internships in the UK are offered by different companies and organizations.
  • You can check internships here, or check the official website.
  • Opportunities circle is an aggregator of academic and non-academic opportunities; hence, we are not responsible for selection/rejection.

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