American Green Card Lottery Program 2024

The US Green Card Lottery program is now open. The winner of the program will receive a US green card and can live in America freely.

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American Green Card Lottery Program 2024

The US Green Card Lottery program is now open to international applicants worldwide. The benefit of the Diversity Visa Program is that the winner will receive a US green card and can live in America freely.

About the Green Card Lottery

The Diversity Visa (DV) program awards up to 50,000 immigrant visas each year for foreign citizens to live in USA. The Diversity Visa Program (DV Program) makes immigrant visas available to citizens of countries with low immigration rates. It makes a limited number of immigrant visas available each year to people who meet certain eligibility requirements. The winner of the diversity visa program will get American green card and can live and work in America forever.

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Eligibility Criteria for The Program

The Department of State annually administers the legally established Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. There is no cost to enroll in the DV program. Requirements include:

  • Must have been born in a country that allows her to participate in the lottery.
  • You must have a high school or technical high school diploma or higher. (Completed at least 12 learning attributes)
  • You must have a valid passport (very important while submitting the application).
  • It is very important that you only make one request for yourself. If you repeat the request with the same information, you will be automatically excluded.
  • You must be able to travel when you are accepted, that is, proof of your ability to travel when you are accepted into the lottery (it is not mandatory when applying, only upon acceptance). For example: a certificate of completion of military service or a certificate of postponement of military service (if military service is compulsory in your country).
  • The personal photo is one of the most important criteria for acceptance. The size of your personal photo must be 600 x 600 pixels (equivalent to 5 cm x 5 cm), and the photo must comply with the requirements of the United States in terms of the size of the head to the photo, and so on.
  • Make sure that all information is exactly the same as in the official documents (eg: name, date of birth, passport number in the passport)
  • Do not write the wrong marital status because it will affect whether you are accepted. Just write the truth about your status if you are single, married, divorced, and so on.

Required Documents

  • Passport
  • Picture
  • Phone number
  • Highest educational level

Program Benefits

The winner of the US Diversity Visa Program will receive a US Green Card. The US Green Card is one of the most sought after immigrant visas worldwide. Holders of this permanent resident card can benefit from a variety of benefits:

  • Unlimited Entry to the USA – No need for a US visa or ESTA anymore!
  • Live without restrictions in any US state.
  • Holding previous nationality.
  • After three or five years, you can apply for US citizenship.

As An Employee

  • A work visa is no longer required.
  • Freedom to choose an employer.
  • There is no problem with indefinite employment contracts and changing employers.
  • Less stringent work requirements than other non-Americans.

As A Student

  • Study in the United States without a student visa.
  • Tuition fees can be reduced by up to 80%.

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How to Apply for American Green Card Lottery Program?

You can apply through the official link at the end of the article, through the following steps:

  • Click on the official link, you will be directed to the official page of the program.
  • Fill out the data form, you must fill in all the data on the official website.
  • After completing the information, click Submit.
  • Make sure you get an email confirming your program application.

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