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We work hard to provide fully-funded scholarships and partial scholarships on Scholarship Legend website, and we also have a professional team to prepare and apply for the funded scholarships around the world.

Scholarshipmerits.com is a constantly updated database of international scholarships for students seeking to further their education for the benefit of their country and the world. This site contains information on scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial assistance available around the world. You’ll also find tools for application, scholarship/study guides, how to apply, and employment/profession guides to help you achieve your educational and professional goals.

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Our objective is to encourage higher education and assist talented and disadvantaged students around the world in obtaining scholarship and financial aid possibilities. Higher education will assist students in channelling their unrestrained fervour into more constructive pathways, allowing them to become global agents of enlightenment.

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We are a group of highly trained professionals that have received numerous scholarships during our academic pursuits. We began this project because we believe we are in a unique position to assist students from all over the world in obtaining scholarships, grants, financial aid, and fellowships in order to further their studies and illuminate the world.

Our Team

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