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Students Reviews

Scholarship Merits website helped many students all over the world during the last 10 years to continue their study abroad with scholarships.

Johnathan Doe
Johnathan Doe

Masters Student

I recommend Scholarship Merits for whoever want to continue his/her studies abroad with or without a scholarships. They are very organised and and very fast service with a high quality. They helped me in writing my Masters Thesis.

EMI Smith
EMI Smith

Bachelor Holder

Scholarship Merits applied for me in the Turkey Government Scholarship and Islamic bank Scholarship, I Knew SM because I met the founder in Germany. They are excellent and prepared all my documents professionally – thank you!

Jone Brown
Jone Brown

Bachelor student

Scholarship Merits team helped me to know about many scholarships around the world, and I was recently accepted into a scholarship in Bulgaria, I advise dealing with them if you want to get a scholarship abroad.